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Risk-Assessment Questionnaire

Determine if it’s time to request a circulation test from your primary care doctor or podiatrist.

Do you smoke cigarettes?

Have you ever smoked cigarettes?

Do you take medicine for diabetes?

Do you take medicine for high blood pressure?

Do your legs hurt when walking?

Do you take medicine for cholesterol?

Have you lost the hair on your legs and feet?

Has the color or feel of your feet changed?

Do your legs feel heavy when walking?

Do you identify as male?

How can you improve your circulation?

A. Get a foot massage
B. Walk
C. Jog


Go for a walk

Doctors recommend that a 20-minute walk daily at a comfortable pace is the most effective way to improve circulation.

Make an Appointment

Poor circulation can lead to lower extremity amputations. Take this quick test to understand your risk.

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